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Located near Mayfair Mall
550-2950 Douglas St.
(across from Cdn. Tire)
Victoria, B.C.

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Permanent Hair Removal by Electrolysis

There is a Better Way !

stop hiding behind unwanted hair

Stop Hiding

From Unwanted Hair !


Welcome... To Bare Beauty ! Imagine not having to shave, tweeze and wax. If you are looking for a solution to permanently remove your unwanted hair then electrolysis is the safe and reliable method for both men and women of all ages. Transgender Friendly !

hair removal for men in victoria bc
Beautiful !

At Bare Beauty, we want to make you more comfortable with the hair removal process. More comfortable in your own beautiful skin.
  • Phone today for your complimentary consultation with our senior electrologist Carol Duggan

victoria hair removal by electolysispermanent hair removal in victoria bc